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Art has driven Andrew Gregg’s career, travel and life in general. He began exhibiting art in local community art shows in elementary school. His youth was spent in Mildura and Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. The semi desert landscape along the Murray River and two memorable art teachers shaped his life-long passion.

Andrew taught studio art and art history for 33 years at Trinity College School, a leading independent school in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. He fully immersed himself in exploring and discovering a variety of studio techniques, always working beside his students. An interest in art history led to an MA at the University of Toronto.

In recent years Andrew has studied the mythology and iconography of indigenous cultures; Australian and Ontario First Nations and the Yoruba in Nigeria where he spent two years teaching at the American International School, Abuja. Tribal imagery has been a constant interest. Whether the mystery of ancient lost meanings or post-colonial tribal art, Andrew retains a fascination for 'otherness'. Maintaining travel journals and drawing diaries has been a lifelong habit. Most recently Andrew has searched Botanic Gardens in Brisbane and Melbourne for inspiring subjects.

He lives in Melbourne and the Kawartha Highlands, Ontario.

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